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Wednesday, December 19th

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Oral Appliances for the Treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

How do they work?

Oral appliances work non-surgically to open the airway during sleep by realigning the tongue and jaw in relation to the head. Their role is to prevent the snoring and/or obstructive apnea during sleep and they must be worn each night to produce the desired effect. More than 60 types of oral appliance have been marketed, but two specific types have been found to be the most effective dependent on each specific airway and mouth, as evaluated by the dentist/orthodontist.

How much do they cost?

The cost of the appliance is $2,400. This can be paid over several months, with an initial fee of $1,800 and two subsequent payments of $300 at three month intervals. The fee covers an initial oral evluation as to the suitability for a specific appliance, the collection of the necessary dental records, the appliance itself (which is custom designed for the patient), and follow-up office visits.

Patients who have extended health benefits (not dental) coverage may be eligible for reimbursement from their private insurance carrier. Pre-authorization for insurance coverage can be processed after the initial examination appointment. Currently, Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life Canada, and Greenshield Canada extended health benefit carriers usually reimburse eligible patients directly after the submission of a receipt and a covering letter from the orthodontist.

Where do I call for More Information?

Dr. Alan A. Lowe, an academic orthodontist with 20 years experience in the fild, sees patients at two locations after they have been assessed and referred by their physician. For further information about Dr. Lower and oral appliances in general, please consult the web site:

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